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Web Content Outlier Mining Through Using Web Datasets Research Paper

clear Content Outlier Mining Through Using Web Datasets - Research Paper guinea pigThe amount of fellowship sought by an individual is always very specific. Search of specific knowledge from the huge tuitionbases and information w atomic number 18houses has become an essential need. Knowledge seekers while surfing web content on internet, come across large amount of information which is irrelevant to the subject of search and it is generally referred as web content outlier. This research investigates different methods of extracting outliers from web contents. Using web contents as entropy sets, it is aimed to find an algorithm which extract and mine varying contents of web documents of same category. Structure of hypertext mark-up language is employ in this paper with various available techniques to model for tap web content outliers. Web content outliers mining using web informationsets and finding outlier in them. In this modern time, the information is overloaded with huge databases, data w arehouses and websites. The growth of internet and uploading and storing of information in bulk on websites is exponential. accessibility of information is also made very easy for common man through internet and web-browser technology. The social organisation of web is global, dynamic, and enormous which has made it necessary to have tools for automated tracking and efficient analyzing of web data. This fate of automated tools has started the development of systems for mining web contents. Extracting data is also referred as knowledge discovery in datasets. The process of discovering patterns which are interesting and useful and the procedures for analyzing and establishing their relationships are described as data mining. Most of the algorithms used today in data mining technology find patterns that are frequent and eliminate those which are rare. These rare patterns are described as noise, nuisance or outliers. (Data mining, 2011) The process of mining da ta involves triple key steps of computation. First step is the process of model-learning. Second step is the model evaluation and the troika step is the use of the model. To clearly understand this division, it is necessary to classify data. (Data mining, 2011) The first step in data mining is the model learning. It is the process in which unique attributes are found about a radical of data. The attributes classify the group and based on it an algorithm is built which defines the class of the group and establishes its relationship. Dataset with their attributes know are used to test this algorithm, generally called classifier. Results produced by the classifier assist in determining minimum requirements for accepting data of the known class. It gives the amount of accuracy of the model and if the accuracy is acceptable, the model is used to determine the similarity of severally document or data in a dataset. (Data mining, 2011) The second step in data mining is the model evaluati on. Techniques used for evaluating the model depend largely on the known attributes of data and knowledge types. The objectives of data users determine the tasks for data mining and types of analysis. These tasks include Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Descriptive Modeling, Predictive Modeling, Discovering Patterns and Rules, and recuperation by Content. Outliers are generally found through anomaly detection, which is to find instances of data that are ridiculous and unfit to the established pattern. (Data mining, 2011) Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) show small data sets interactively and visually in the form of a pie chart or coxcomb plot. Descriptive Modeling is the technique that shows overall data distribution such as density estimation, cluster analysis and segmentation, and dependency modeling. Predictive Modeling uses variables having known values to predict the value of a single unknown variable. Classification

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Film Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Film medical specialty - Essay ExampleThe difficulty of studying the nature of the medication for motion pictures derives from the complexity of the medium. Films usually manoeuvre through a conjunction of visual and auditory signals, research into pack music requires an understanding of not unrivaled only two non-verbal systems of communication, as well as the problematical jargons with which we attempt to describe individually of them in speech ( mark, 1997, p. 3). Currently, few scholars lose mastered the field of such specialized studies as music in silent movies. Thus, I have to address that this paper has limitation based on the nail specialization of the topic. The subject of film music is neglected by researchers, because it spans between two disciplines and its material presents many problems (Marks, 1997). Unlike concert music, film music exists only as an accompaniment to the film and is not include into a repertoire. Especially in music for silent movies, the pri mary material that has to be researched is not the music, but the film itself. Consequently, the film music in silent movies has to be studies together with a profound note of the movie. Music in this sense is in the core of the research and the movie plot stays in the periphery (Marks, 1997). As we view a film, our minds must contend with the ever-changing content of the moving fig and the soundtrack. The individual elements (not just music, but also lighting, camera work, editing, and so forth) argon submerged into the flow of images on the screen. Hence the engrossed audience rarely perceives these elements consciously it is simply carried along by the stream of sights and sounds (Marks, 1997, p.4). Marks (1997) points out that most of our information about music and silent cinema dates from after 1910 earlier than that, documents are lacking and extant scores are few (p. 26). Altman (1998) observes that in the early periods of silent film musical theater theater theater accomp animent was not standard practice. He explains that the US film industry began to introduce normative musical score as accompaniment between 1908 and 1912. Altman (1998) also notes that developing the musical accompaniment was a operative part of the cinematic transformation that was taking part at that time. Efforts were made to stimulate the use of film music and to supervise its quality. Much more attention should be paid on the impact of geography into music. The urbanized east coast versus the less populated western states, the neighborhood trends versus the downtown surroundings have influenced the sound in the silent movies (Altman, 1998). Ethnicity and race and the emergence of African folklore traditions, ragtime and jazz on the musical accompaniment also placed a cornerstone in silent movies music. After the World struggle I and the disastrous flu epidemic in the 1918, the 1920s can be characterized as one of the most prosperous years in America. The 1920s are also call ed The Roaring Twenties or The Jazz Age (Blundell, n.d). After the World War I, a lot of African Americans who were living in the South, started to move North. Northern America was more industrialized and provided more employment opportunities. Thus, African Americans hoped they could make a better living. 1920s was the time when

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Limited Liability Partnership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Limited Liability Partnership - Essay ExampleThe members of a limited liability confederacy have such liability to contribute to its assets in the event of its being wound up as is provided for by virtue of this Act.Accordingly, except as far as otherwise provided by this Act or any other enactment, the law relating to partnerships does not apply to a limited liability partnership. The Schedule (which makes fermentulation about the names and registered offices of limited liability partnerships) has effect (http//www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2000).purpose of this is to introduce a new form of legal entity known as Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). This will help resolve the difficulties arising in the traditional partnerships for larger professional practices. The LLP is not limited to large companies. The professionals who atomic number 18 usually involved in this partnership are the law firms or accountancy that can have partners world wide. LLP is an alternative descent sector vehicle that gives the benefits of limited liability but the members can have the flexibility in forming the internal social structure as a traditional partnership. It composes of both the corporate and partnership characteristics.The LLP has its own benefits that make the partnership much interesting. The limited liability is one of the enticing attribute of LLP that includes protecting the partners or members personal assets such as cars, homes, stocks and etc., This limited liability varies depending on the location of the partnership. It protects the partner in errors and negligence. Another advantage of LLP is the flexibility afforded to the entity through with(predicate) its management structure. Corporate formalities need no further observation as normally impose by corporations. Pass-through tax treatment in LLP is passed through to its partners or members and taxed at the individual partner or member level. Flexible capital structure - owners are asked to provide flexi bility in setting up a capital and compensation structure. Members or partners can distribute profit in any bearing agreed by the corporation. (Suzuki, J., 1999).Limited Liability Partnership is not sometimes interpreted into consideration because of the pursual reasons ( Derrick G. 2003-2004 )1) Once become bind with LLP, the money and property contributed becomes owned by the partnership unless otherwise indicated in the agreement. The contributor is not entitled for a return unless otherwise agreed by the members. 2) LLP varies in legalities and liabilities by state. Some state does not recognized the LLP, do not have the easy of transfer and investment that a corporation structure provides and therefore are regarded as less preferable to other business forms.3) All income allocated to the owners is subject to self-employment tax. Only a portion of salary allocated for dividends is exempted for SE tax. 4) Since the LLP owners are not employee they are not entitled for a deduct ions for Medical expenses such as health insurance and other medical checkup expenses.5) The LLP are needed to provide $500,000 of credential against claims, either through insurance, escrowed deposits, letter of credit or security bonds. Potential loss of limited liability Aside from the above reasons why it is not yet taken up by othercompanies is because of its infancy. Since it is a new structure the topic about tax and justness are not yet polished.

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Transition to High School Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Transition to High School - Research project ExampleAccording to the initial have that has been conducted, which was the collection of secondary information for the initial literature review, the spring has take oned an overall knowledge of the different aspects that pose challenges to students as well as teachers and parents when teenagers transition from primary to high school school. And this knowledge has the origin to design the framework for the study and the give the reader an overview of what can be expect throughout the entirerity of the interrogation study. .In this chronicle the author has given a brief description of the methods that leave behind be used to carry out the main look study, the objectives of the research study, the structure of the dissertation, the timetable for the entire research study as well as the resources that go out be needed to carry out the research study and finally the limitations of the research study.THE DIFFICULTIES FACED BY STUD ENTS WHEN TRANSITIONING TO HIGH SCHOOL IN THE BRITISH virgin ISLANDS, THEIR EXPECTATIONS AND SUBSEQUENT ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND THE SIGNIFICANT ROLE THAT CAN BE FULFILLED BY PARENTS AND TEACHERS also TO HELP MITIGATE THE DIFFICULTIES AND HELP EASE AND SMOOTHEN THE TRANSITIONIntroductionThis is a research scheme that the author is completing in part fulfillment of her degree requirement. The area that the author would like to study is the difficulties faced by students when they transition into high school. Therefore in this research proposal the author will give an overview of the research objectives, the research topic, the resources needed for the research study, a brief literature review, the methodology for the research study, the limitations of the study, the timeline needed for the study and finally the structure of the dissertation when the entire research study is completed. In this document the author also gives the reader a basic knowledge of the manner in which the pr imary data will be gathered and the different sources that will be used to gather the primary data as well as a justification for the methods that will be used. Research ObjectivesHere the author will give a brief overview of the objectives of the research study that she will evaluate for completion at the end of the research. Gain an in-depth empathiseing of difficulties faced by students transitioning into high school in the British thoroughgoing(a) IslandsTo gain an understanding of the root causes of the difficulties faced by students when transitioning to the high school from the point of view of teachers and parentsTo understand how to make the transition from primary school to high school a smooth and easy transition.To gain an

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Changing Roles of Worker Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Changing Roles of Worker - Research Paper ExampleTheir work is unseen and much of it is mental. The cognition worker is famous for making judgment calls and decisions and being paid handsomely in some cases to do so. This report testament be centered on the managers and leaders who are guiding the knowledge workers and how their roles whitethorn be paper baging from what that has been like supervising the traditional workers. There has been a shift noted in roles from boss or supervisor to player/coach as argued by Davenport. Davenport proposes that those managers that understand the knowledge workers wants and of necessity can get more from the people, communicate more efficiently, and lead a managerial revolution (p. 3). The shift in roles, from boss to player/coach is coming about. Johnson cites Davenport again stating rather than supervising the work, the manager of a group of knowledge workers will come from the group of workers and be one that is also performing the work. Hie rarchies will be shrinking as they become networks and communities of knowledge resources. Rather than hiring and firing, the managers job will be to set about and train the new staff.

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An Research about Relationship among Fashion Life Style Dissertation

An Research most kinship among Fashion Life Style - Dissertation ExampleThe paper An Research about Relationship among Fashion Life Style examines consumer psychology. The Chinese economy has grown at a very sporting pace in the past decades resulting in a high number of affluent and middle twelvemonth consumers. With phenomenal growth in the number of affluent households China has now become the third largest consumer grocery store for luxury goods. However, the affluent consumers in China do not necessarily fall under nonp aril consumer segment. While different regions within China have consumers with different levels of affluence, the consumption behaviours of these consumers also vary. GEOLIA, founded in 1985, is a ladies fashion brand headquartered in China. Their vision is to discover, to live and to share a fashionable and healthy life-style with their customers. They offer quality, trendy products at affordable prices and have easily accessible distribution network. Th eir customers comprise of ladies in the midst of mid-twenties to early thirties who are at that phase in their lives when values and lifestyle are cultivated. The brand aims to partner with their customers in grooming their mortalal styles both in fashion and everyday life. tell on GEOLIA is impressed upon the Chinese consumers mind as the friendly womens apparel brand. A consumer demeanor model proposed by Hawkins et al (2004) reflects the effect of self concept and life style on consumer behavior. The self-concept and lifestyle influence the needs and desires these needs and desires can be satisfied through consumption. Lifestyle involves multiple levels and it is resolute by heaps individual characters, past experience and current condition. Lifestyle keeps changing with changes in the internal and external environment. As consumer fashion life style and self concept increases consumer purchase use becomes more powerful (Ahmad et al., 2010). Consumer Purchase Consumer pur chase has become a leisure activity and is used to bring up social status. This is based on the concept of the self and a material symbol of who a person is and how he/she would like to be known (Dittmar and Drury, 2000). Clothing and fashion are the medium through which people express their identity (Rathnayake, 2011). Fashion and clothing display how a person would like to, in another(prenominal) words, the persons self concept. Self-concept Self concept has received considerable importance in trade literature as it can significantly impact consumers decision making and product and brand choices (Ye, Bose and Pelton, 2012). The supposition of self-concept suggests that consumers prefer products that are consistent with their self-image and because the brand or product can enhance their self-image. The self-congruity conjecture suggests that the self-concept is dynamic and conflicting traits may exist in an individuals self-concept. Fashion and Fashion mind Fashion has been defined as a way of behaving that is temporarily adopted by a apparent proportion of members of a social group because that chosen behavior is perceived to be socially hold for the time and situation (Sproles cited in Chen, Shang and Lin, 2008). People like to be perceived as trendy and hence would follow the trend that the group follows. With the inclination to follow the fashion trend they may tend to miscarry their own personal feelings and

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International Business Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

International Business - Case Study ExampleThe device of living well philosophy has history, tradition, elegance with modernity and Asians like to buy such lifestyles. Arnault, with his exclusive talent for fleck creative capability, leave behind find extraordinarily talented Asians who could expand his creative store. Artists, frequent travellers, appreciators of arts, connoisseurs and admirers of modernity will fall into the hireable category. Arnault will not find either the trade or the expanded business withal overwhelming to handle but the first requirement would be to learn the industrial culture of the market place. Industrial culture is usually linked with national culture.National culture consists of the distinctive shared values, attitudes, assumptions, beliefs and norms of the inhabitants of a nation which guide their behaviourIndustry culture can be defined as the values attitudes, assumptions, beliefs and norms that influence the ship canal in which the firms in a particular industry conduct their business, Stonehouse (2004, p.53).Getting into an unknown market ceaselessly poses daunting problems. In addition to the other usual problems, there are already players in the playing area who have established themselves by now. On the face of it, the disadvantages of being a late entrant depend overwhelming. Management thinkers concluded long ago that the dominance of todays global giants is rooted in their first-mover status, Bartlet et al (2004, p.85). sedate for a person of Arnaults reputation, strategic moves should be easier than others. Arnault has to go into global strategic management in a paganly diversified field. His strategy should be for change and globalisation with a difference. He is already an good in managing across borders with impertinent organisational responses. Now he has to adopt a strategy of business in a world of nations disregarding the stereotyped myths. He has to inculcate new values, morality and strategic mor als into the branching out portion of his business so that it could meet the cultural needs and profile of eastern nations. There should be a new manifesto for management and leadership in a new environment. There should be strategic training for prospective staff about the cultural, educational and business minimise of the Asian countries. It will be a diversified organisation with many Asians being part of the custody and they should be handled by managers who have knowledge and expertise in ways of discussion, negotiation, socialisation, beliefs, trusts, all-pervading religions, and should understand the difference between Western and Eastern values and customs. Marketing and establishing the brand name, advertising and presenting have to incorporate some differences so as to meet the Eastern approval. The manager has to adopt a certain amount of work cultural elasticity to accommodate people from other backgrounds which will make it easier to understand their ways of marketin g, impression creating, development their brand ambassadors (Sub-continent would admire a Kareena Kapoor selling the handbag instead of Nicole Kidman), their timings and business events etc. With all those precautions, all(prenominal) move cannot be predetermined and the manager has to

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Leadership power Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Leadership business leader - demonstrate ExampleThere is a notable correlation between power and leadershiphip. Hersey, Blanchard and Johnson (1996) define power as the ability to control other people or things. In other words, power is the potential to influence. It has been show that leaders have power over people or things that they lead. According to Bass and Bass (2009), leadership is often conceived as an exercise of power. Leadership and power have often been utilized to influence the style of people. According to the behavioral theory, a leader is thus analyzed by what one does and how they behave. In the equal way, it can be evidenced that power is usually concentrated to a few select persons. really few organizations take the chance to teach selected few of the manner in which to make soundly procedure the power that they possess. Leaders have various bases of power unto which they leverage, including the power of position, power of charisma, power of relationships , power of information, power to reward others, and power of expertise, as well as power of punishment.There are five various types of power. First is legitimate power. It is also known as official or position power. This power comes from the rules of the organization. It offers the leaders the power to punish and reward, along with controlling organizational resources. This type of power maintains discipline and order in the society. Second is coercive power, which entails the use of negative influences. The most common coercion tools are threats and punishment. This makes it the least effective form of power since it defecates resentment and resistance. The third type of power is referent power. It is the ability to attract others and build loyalty. It is usually based on the interpersonal skills as well as the charisma of the power holder. stern is expert power. It is the authority of knowledge that arises from specialized learning. A

The Ethical Code Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Ethical Code Letter - Essay ExampleI believe that that the core moral values epitomize what is in line with our set goals. However, one may decide to set his or her code of conduct, it should be that which is in line with the Tesco new code of conduct. practiced employees, it is with my due indulgence that I address another critical factor that is the value of diversity in Tesco Company. Having employees from diametric diverse backgrounds will be able to realize the importance of globalization. The customers and workers will represent the different mix in our company in that locationfore we can compete internationally. Moreover diversity also includes the suppurate factor. Having employees of different age gaps will propel the company through realizing its goals because when an employee retires on that point will be others left. Furthermore, there will be increased pro ductility in the company because of diverse talents operating together. Moreover, there will be increased i nnovation and invention. It will be possible when different thoughts are frame together towards a common goal. Lastly, with diversity, market sharing, and customers satisfaction will be a notch higher.My dear employees, code of ethics offers an opportunity for an accountable business organization. Therefore, it should be upon us to keep up the ethical code of conduct. Furthermore, all the benefits will be of great benefit to all of

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Managing People, and Marketing sections Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Managing People, and Marketing sections - Essay ExampleCummins Westport Inc. manufactures in China with Dong Feng Engine Co. They be headquartered in Indiana, Columbus USA and have 500 Distributor locations, they have a presence in 131 countries and have 24200 employees worldwide.Cummins has been providing CNG, Diesel and other engines to Bus manufacturers. Their basic product line is manufacturing of electric generators powered each by diesel or even by LPG. Due to the moneymaking margins in the CNG bus manufacturing market, Cummins is evaluating the hap of launching their own CNG bus. Their long term vision is to diversify into the production of alternate fuel legal vehicles. They believe they have the necessary market intelligence, technical experience and knowledge, manufacturing edge and the brand Cummins has a regard as of quality and reliability in the engine & generator market. However, there atomic number 18 pitfalls in this seemingly lucrative opportunity including t he marketing of the new product and its launch and most importantly the human resource aspects including how to make employees? Finding the right leadership? And team friction.As identified by the management of Cummins in their drawing to Creative Chaos, they would like to explore the CNG bus market manufacturing potential in which they already operate and are well-known for their high quality and reliable CNG engines that they manufacture. The only difference is that this time they want to manufacture & pitch the complete bus. However, the current market for CNG buses in USA is waning and has reached saturation. This is a statement supported by the following factsA high number of Alternative give the sack Vehicles made available every division include the E 85 type vehicles (hybrid technology). CNG vehicles comprise of a very small number(AFDC Alternate Fuel Development council)It has been observed that from the year 2002, when the CNG buses manufactured were as many as 1200,t he number of CNG buses

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The needs of future generations are being met by current policies of Essay - 1

The trainfully of future generations are being met by current policies of sustainable development. To what extent do you agree with this tale - Essay Examples individuals have become increasingly aware of fragile environment and the need to promote utility of the individual not met them as well is generated at the same time. As a function of seeking to answer the degree and extent to which current policies is development are assisting future generations the succeeding(a) analysis will consider three case study involving pollution, global warming, precise as a function of seeking to answer this broader overarching question. It is the set ahead hope of this particular author that such a direct of discussion and analysis will be beneficial with regards to representing the reality in which the current world exists is further utility and sustainability of the plan as well as the individuals that call it home currently those that will oneness day live upon. Further, even though a gl obal level of understanding relates to this specific topic, a level of analysis will be provided on Singapore allowing for a more individualized and focus analysis.Firstly, with respect to the issue of recycle, it can be noted that current policies of sustainable development encourage recycling as a means of ensuring that the same level of resources will be available future generations as are currently available. Great progress has been made with respect to encouraging recycling and in more or less cases incentivizing actually paying firms and/or individuals to dispose of their waists in a responsible manner so that this wait on will gain a degree of traction and, reinforce behavior that is exhibited elsewhere throughout society. However, there is a fundamental drawback with respect to the way in which recycling programs are being throughout the create world. One of the most prominent of these has to do with the fact that recycling programs are not mandatory. Accordingly, those individuals that the recycling is each a hassle or useless towards improving their own lives will not integrated with an pass to dispose of garbage and other waste and an

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Principles of Fire Behavior Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Principles of Fire Behavior - look for Proposal ExamplePassive fire aegis refers to measures that argon principally built into buildings during pission in accordance with fire codes. The following will outline miscellaneous modes and techniques of both suppressant cistrons and of fire suppressing strategies.In the suppression of wildfires, it should first be noted that wildfires that do not threaten human habitation generally are allowed to burn. Wildfires are part of a natural process, and as such they are not considered to be a bad thing. Where wildfires become a problem is when they threaten human habitation. Water is the most commonality fire suppressant agent, but the mode of delivery depends upon the location and terrain of the wildfire. For instance, water can be delivered by plane or by helicopter. These same planes or helicopters can be used to deliver various chemical fire suppressing agents as well. Firefighters also repel or parachute, which is referred to as smoke jumping, into areas in bon ton to set up pre-emptive fire suppressing measures. On the ground, firefighters use small water or chemical agent pumps in order to douse and control small fires from spreading. Additionally, they will carry chainsaws in order to construct firebreaks, which is simply removing combustible materials from an area in order to prevent the spread of fire. Furthermore, tanker trucks carrying thousands of gallons of water are utilized to deliver water or other suppressant agents to where they are needed (Berry 2007).Human feeling is considered the most important factor in fire suppression. After this, various aspects such as the protection of property, health, safety, and ecological factors are taken into consideration. In the worst cases of enormous fires, the preservation of human life is the only(prenominal) possible action that can be taken. Cost and safety or firefighters is taken into consideration as well.Another technique in wildfire suppression is th e creation of

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Chronic fatigue syndrome, dietary and lifestyle changes for Essay

Chronic fatigue syndrome, dietary and lifestyle changes for improvement of health - Essay ExampleThe implication is that all the bodily functions go heavy feeling fatigued. The fatigue discussed here is not the kind that comes from heavy exertion, a busy day or week, or even a stressful event, such as a death of a love one. Bed rest does not cure the fatigue, and daily functions, along with normal cognitive skill levels, ar greatly reduced, such as producing a mental fog. Symptoms enkindle last at least half dozen months and beyond, through a lifetime. This seriously affects the patients lifestyle, creating problems at work, in spite of appearance family relationships, any educational and extracurricular social activities (CDC, 2014a WHRC, 2011). In this paper, we review the diagnosis of a patient who has been determined to have CFS, and what some of the solutions can be, based on the symptoms presented. Notably, women (522) are twice as often to get CFS as men (291) do, within a group of 100,000 people (Logan & Wong, 2001).The patient is a 42-year old male, diagnosed with CFS, a body mass forefinger (BMI) of 32, is obese, and is experiencing fibromyalgia, rheumatism, depression and anxiety, a poor sleep pattern of very little at night, with an 18-hour day. Additionally, there is religious outcast bowel function with nausea, diarrhoea, alternating with constipation, belching, heartburn and indigestion, along with cravings, all of which suggests potential irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). deflexion from the lack of energy, the patient presents symptoms of diabetes II. The patient will be checked send-off for an official diagnosis of diabetes I or II, and will also be tested for muscular oxidative stress (mitochondria), and weakness of orbiter cells, along with adrenal fatigue, will also be tested and measured. The patient is currently taking medicament for depression, migraine and fibromyalgia.There are two widely-held hypotheses regarding the nature of CFS and associated illnesses commonly found with the overall diagnosis of CFS. The first is that fatigue is caused by psychological

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Reflective Article Review Log Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Reflective Article Review Log - Assignment mannequinThe new demands of the education environment can only be met if the instructional methods remain dynamic and permit a comprehensive understanding of the learning needs. By get a lineing the various changes in the learning environment, the authors lay a ground for launching a new strategy for meeting the learners demands.The article relies on empirical studies to identify the various learning needs of a diverse school population. The article summarizes the findings of hundreds of empirical studies to identify quin common needs of a learner. Ming and Dukes (2010) identify phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension as the key elements of a comprehensive lesson that can help children to become proficient readers. Phonemic awareness is defined as the strength to auditorily identify and manipulate individual sounds in words. On the other hand, phonics is the ability of the learner to identify the letter withi n a word. The two helps a learner to have a flow of the language what the authors verge as fluency of the language. Next, the learners can learn how to use vocabulary which refers to the language words that add examine to the language. The last and the most important step is for the learner to comprehend the meaning of the language which is essential for a complete learning process. The article provides a basis which teachers can perform a close synopsis of the lessons and evaluate the dimensions that they omit in their lessons.Through a scientific approach, Ming and Dukes (2010) develops a strategy through which an instructor can develop incorporate the big five dimension in a diverse learning environment. The article emphasizes the need for preplanning stage in developing a comprehensive lesson plan. It is a stage that the instructor lays down the objectives the lesson and the various learners outcomes that he must attain at the end of their teaching. Next, the article

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The Economic Value of Sports on National Development Research Paper - 2

The Economic Value of Sports on National Development - Research Paper ensampleThe mega sporting events are said to be good stimulators of economic growth and development. Sydney and Atlanta Olympics were highly associated with the macro instruction economic development plans of Australia and United States of America respectively and left positive impact on the clientele environment. Again the business groups that associate with such mega sporting event also gets benefitted through their promotional activities in terms of increased future business potential. Considering the Sydney Olympic Games, the Business Club Australia provided networking opportunities as well as attracted around 16,000 visitors by linking to the Common wealths Trade Visitors Program. The sporting events also provide gigantic economic benefits to the host country through increased tourism. To manage greater number of tourists the infrastructure of a country must be renewed and revitalized. This leads to fresh investment in sectors like transportation, construction and so on This eventually creates higher employment opportunities. In 1999, the Sports Travel Magazine estimated that sports related travel and the tourism commercialize possessed an approximate value of US $ 118.3 billion (Jordan et al, 2011, p. 29). The NBA in the United States of America has also guide to the enhancement in the economic forefront with its tremendous popularity and the market has reached out and has spread its influence to Asia as well as in Africa (Abrams, 2010).The economic value of sports can be understood through the concomitant that economic performance of areas with stadium is better than those without it. Moreover if a popular team is hailed from an area it very much reflects through the areas better economic performance this might be due to more exposure that the touch area gets through that team in all most all the spheres. However, among the works of some sublime scholars like that of Baade ( 1994), no such significant

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Immanuel Kant Essay Example for Free

Immanuel Kant EssayIntroduction 1What does ism mean? -Everyone has a philosophy -We suck in ideas concerning things, people, the inwardness of life sentence, death, God, what is exhaustively and bad. -We whitethorn have certain attitudes to life, certain ways of looking at things. -For example -I am an optimist. I hobo always see a positive side to most unhappy situations. -I entert believe in worrying too much. I think about today. Tomorrow can take care of itself. -Although an individual claim this to be his philosophy and rightly so. But this is not philosophy as a discipline. It is too broad, vague, superficial, impersonal and unclear.It does not adequately describe the work of a philosopher. -We wish to define philosophy more specifically. 2The word philosophy. -The Word Philosophy. -Philia ( have a go at it) + Sophia (wisdom) = the love of wisdom. 3Definitions of philosophy a. The field of operations of the disposition and meaning of the universe and of compassi onate life Online Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary. b. Philosophy is a rational attempt to look at the world as a whole. 4What does philosophy seek to do? -Philosophy seeks to examine fundamental suspenses about the universe and about ourselves with the hope of coming up with consistent principles by which we can understand and live.5Human beings have always sought answers to certain fundamental questions What are these fundamental questions? -What makes an act write or wrong? -What is my purpose in the world? -What is truth? -What makes a good life? -Is God important in our lives? -Where does fellowship come from and how do we acknowledge that our knowledge is true. -What is the relationship amid mind and body? 6Why do we need philosophy? Why do we need philosophy when we have science and technology? -We have advanced so much in science and technology -We live in cities, we have conquered the air and have ventured into space?-Communication is so developed that distance no eternal matters -We have immense power over nature -We are able to produce more goods and serve than ever before -So, why do we still need philosophy? 7Yet all these advances cause us to be disturbed and anxious -There is a danger that the very technology we have developed could enter us. -For example nuclear technology. -We seem to be unable to deal with the problems of war, famine, terror, distribution of wealth, pollution, the threatened extinction of wildlife, ontogenesis and oppression of the weak . -Knowledge and values appear to be divorced.-This is where philosophy comes in. It helps us to examine our lives as individuals and groups. -Philosophy may not be able to provide solutions to all the worlds problems. But it helps to examine issues clearly, forecast options and help us to make informed decisions. -With poor, incomplete and shallow reasoning we cannot build an enlightened high society -If we are unable to attain between valid and invalid reasoning, then we beco me victims of persuasive orators, fad leaders and unscrupulous political leaders. -Philosophy helps us to see more deeply and clearly into an issue.It helps us to question traditional and outdate beliefs so that we can make informed choices -Knowledge of honourable systems help us to live ethical lives at the personal and communitarian level. -Knowledge of what constitutes dish aerial helps us to appreciate and respect differences in individual and cultural concepts of beauty and craft. -Being able to think detailedly will help us to be aware of any preposterous and oppressive beliefs in religion. 8The traditional divisions of philosophy. a. Logic b. Metaphysics c. Epistemology d. Value Theory LOGIC aLogic.-The systematic study of rules to distinguish or recognize good arguments from bad. -In an argument, groups will give opposing views. -How do we know which argument is good and which is not good. -Logic helps us to do so by providing rules to recognize right argument from wr ong argument. -It is implicated with tests to find out which arguments are valid. -Logic runs through all the other branches of philosophy. METAPHYSICS -bMetaphysics The study of the nature of being and of the world. -It is interested with the fundamental nature of all reality, both visible and invisible.-It asks what reality is, why it is, and how we can understand it. Ontology That give of metaphysics that studies being or existence. EPISTEMOLOGY cEpistemology The study of the sources, nature and validity of knowledge. -It deals with issues like -What are the sources of knowledge? (Origin of knowledge) -Where does genuine knowledge come from? -How do we know? -What is the nature of knowledge? (Appearance and reality) -Is there a real world outside(a) the mind? -If so, can we know it? -Is our knowledge valid? (Truth/Verification) -How do we distinguish truth from error? cardinal traditional schools of thought have sought to answer the questions above -Rationalism -Human reason a lone can trace the basic principles of the universe -Empiricism -All knowledge ultimately comes from sense experience, and therefore our knowledge is limited to what can be experienced. There is a relationship between metaphysics and epistemology. Our understanding of reality (metaphysics) depends on our understanding of what can be known (epistemology). Our theory of knowledge (epistemology) depends on how we understand ourselves in relation to the whole of reality (metaphysics). nourish THEORY dValue Theory The branch of philosophy that studies values. -It can be subdivided into ethics, aesthetics, and social and political philosophy. iethics is concerned with piety right or wrong behavior. -the three areas of ethics are descriptive, normative and metaethics. -descriptive ethics (what is ) identifies motives, desire and intentions of human conduct and acts. It describes moral actions. -normative ethics (what ought to be) proposes the principles by which people ought to act and live. These are called ethical theories. -Meta-ethics(analysis) on how we understand, know about, and what we mean when we talk about what is right and what is wrong. It deals with the meaning of key concepts, techniques of reasoning and analysis, and linguistic conventions It deals with matters like what do moral terms mean? What sort of mental state is involved in accepting a moral claim a belief, an emotion? Is there any sort of moral reality or facts? Is ethical knowledge attainable? If so, how? In fact, drawing the conceptual distinction between Metaethics, Normative Ethics, and utilise Ethics is itself a metaethical analysis. ii. Aestheticsis concerned with the theory of art and beauty. -Many philosophical problems in aesthetics involve critical judgements.? -It deals with concepts of concepts of beauty. Is beauty subjective or objective? iii. Social and political philosophyisconcerned with value judgments concerning society, the state and the individuals relation to these institutions -It deals with issues like -Why should individuals live in society? -What should be the social ideals of liberty, rights, justice, equality and responsibility -Why should anyone practise any government?-Why should some individuals or groups have political power over others -Who should have political power over others? -What should the scope of political power be? -What are the goals of government? Glossary 1philosophyphilia (love) + Sophia (wisdom) = the love of wisdom 2logicThe systematic study of rules to distinguish or recognize good arguments from bad 3metaphysicsThe study of the nature of being and of the world 4epistemologyThe study of the sources, nature and validity of knowledge 5value theoryThe branch of philosophy that studies values.It can be subdivided into ethics, aesthetics, and social and political philosophy. 6rationalismHuman reason alone can discover the basic principles of the universe 7empiricismAll knowledge ultimately comes from sense experience, and therefore our knowledge is limited to what can be experienced 8aesthetics Is concerned with the theory of art and beauty.

Jerusalem Today Essay Example for Free

Jerusalem Today EssayThree criminals were crucified today, including the rabble-rouser Jesus Christ, who has been instigating a great deal of controversy of young. After months of hotly contested debate, the execution was e developrly awaited by the non-Christian priests and the people, notwithstanding Jesus many followers. Despite Jesus proclamations, speeches, and promises, God did not come to save him.The shady was ar serenityed in Gethsemane following dinner and charged with claiming to be the King of Jews. Sources at the scene said that during his last-place dinner with his disciples, Jesus shocked everyone present by announcing, I tell you the truth, one of you will denounce me (MAT 2621). These sources revealed that Jesus believed his betrayer would be a man named Judas Iscariot, who promptly left the table. Judas appears to have felt great remorse for his alleged betrayal, hanging himself before morning. Jesus was quickly brought before the high priest Caiaphas to b e accused. After much debate, the priests decided to bring him to the governor to confer a sentence of finish upon him.Jesus was brought before the governor Pontius Pilate who deferred to the will of the people and sentenced him to be crucified. The thief Barabbas, who was also arrested, was granted a reprieve at the peoples request. When asked to comment, former disciple Peter denied Jesus, claiming to have no knowledge. 2 thieves and Jesus Christ were taken to the Place of the Skulls for execution. Jesus was dressed in a purple invest for the journey however, he was stripped at the scene. Once he was placed on the cross, he was do by to a great deal of mocking and derision from bystanders.After six hours, Jesus said his last words, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? (My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? ), and succumbed to his injuries. He was stabbed through the side to ensure he had reached his final rest and his body ran with blood and water. He is to be buried in a priv ate tomb at the request of his disciples. Sources inside the Pilate government had no immediate comment. Interviews I try not to think virtually it, Nicole Canter said after being asked what she thought of the certain economic crisis. I mean, it just makes my condense queasy. The 22- grade-old Santa Ana resident works as a waitress at two local restaurants. A republican, Nicole was indecisive to blame the situation on former President Bush, and admitted that there were clearly beas that could have been improved. Its affecting everyone, she said.I still have a job, but my hours have been cut and business is paltry in general. Nicole worries that when she finishes college, there wont be any jobs for her to take, but hasnt followed any of the action mechanism of President Obama but has hope that someone will do something. She just wants to see an improvement and isnt picky roughly where it comes from. I hope for the best, she said, and I try not to imagine the worst. At age 72, Geoffrey Simon watchword should be set for life after a life date of saving for his retirement.But hes worried that his investments wont last long enough now that the economy has fallen. My portfolio has lost 40% of its value. It makes me very angry. When asked what he thinks caused the crisis, Geoffrey is quick to excuse Bush. It was a lack of oversight by congress, he says, claiming that under President Clinton, the democrats passed the Glass Steigel Act which only make the problem worse. The democratic majority had the opportunity to law the banks but they didnt and instead took big donations to look the other way. His frustration is obvious, and his anger at the democrats brief the buck onto Bush is evident as well. Bush was not the problem, he insists. As for how the situation is affecting him, Well, my son lost his job and had to move to Dallas so I cant see him or my grandkids anymore. His mournfulness is apparent. Many of his neighbors and friends have lost their job along with his son. The economy is a mess right now, he concedes, but Bush didnt do it. After the rescuing of the banking and automotive industry, Geoffrey believes the administration is hemorrhaging money at a huge cost to the children. Spiraling inflation is imminent.Hopefully they make some changes soon that make sense. Thats all anybody can ask for. Fullerton resident Charles Gothart, 42, lost his job as a marketing animal trainer last April and has not been able to find a new one. Its been over a year and its discouraging. I have some savings, but my capital is dwindling. Its a tough market. Charles blames the current economy on a catastrophe of management on the piece of the Bush administration, naming late intervention, poor credit management by the banks and the people, and the fact that the banks were not only allowing people to live beyond their means, but encouraging it. I was downsized after fourteen years on the job. Theyre being brutal, lancinate all the way a cross the board. Sad to see. Charles worries daily about the market and the economy. Ive lost about 20%, not as bad as some, but that doesnt include my pension which has taken a brutal hit.The measures that Obama has passed havent done just about enough, hes following in Bushs footsteps. As for how he feels, Charles anger emanates from him. But he hasnt completely inclined up hope. Obamas still new, maybe something will change. We can only hope. Life on deterrent is always hard, but lately, its been worse. 36-year-old Huntington Beach resident, Catherine Rigley is gloomy. Living on a fixed income is always frustrating, but now I cant even supplement it with outside work. There just isnt a market. Catherine blames the poor policy making on the part of the Bush government and the lack of commandment in the banking industry. They should have intervened sooner, they just should have. Although, she concedes, they probably would have done the wrong thing anyway. After months of e scalating unemployment, Catherines sister, boyfriend and mother all lost their jobs. I cant be laid off, that doesnt mean it doesnt affect me. Catherine admits to being scared about the return of the economy, believing its freeing to take awhile. I dont think theyre doing enough for the unemployment rate. But they have made some positive steps. Catherine has hope that things will turn around. It all depends on the markets when they do better we do better. Lets just hope they start doing better. Caregivers never make enough money, but when you enlarge a faltering economy, you create a tenuous position for the largely under appreciated part of the workforce. Darlene Tonter, 56, a Fountain Valley resident, has worked as a caregiver for the past 25 years and deep lost her job due to a clients death.After having a difficult time finding new employment, Darlene found herself expressing her frustration with the Bush administration. The economy is always a mess when a republican is in office. Always has been, always will be. Her daughter has also lost her job. Denise has been unemployed for nearly six months and hasnt gotten an interview yet. Shes really good and has wonderful recommendations, but there are a lot of people who are willing to work for less. She shrugged her shoulders, a tear running from her eye. I hope the stimulus works, I hope something works. She sighs heavily. I just want to feel secure again.

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George and Lennie Comparison Essay Example for Free

George and Lennie Comparison EssayGeorge and Lennie, two extraordinary characters in Of Mice and Men, akin(predicate) yet very varied. Both Lennie and George rely on their acquaintance to survive. Lennie depends on his friendship with George to make the fructify desisions. George relies on the friendship he has with Lennie in order to plan for the future. While Lennie depends on George, in round ways George depends on Lennie. For example, despite Georges impatience and annoyance with Lennie, and his remarks about how easy his life would be without him, George would broaden a much harder life. George always explains to Lennie what is correct and incorrect and makes sure that Lennie behaves. Finally, in order for George to have a future in mind, George needs Lennie.George and Lenny both shared the same type of hard work, and both of them lacked friendship in their lives. Both George and Lenny want something more in life they are both dreamers. Their similarities lay at a l ower place the surface where they appear different.George is a small, quick man with well-defined features. A migrant ranch worker, George dreamt of adept day saving enough money to buy his own place and be his own boss, alert off of the land. The hindrance to his objective is his mentally handicapped companion, Lennie, with whom he has traveled and worked since Lennies Aunt Clara, whom George knew, died. The majority of Georges zip is devoted to looking after Lennie, whose blunders prevent George from working toward his dream, or even living the life of a normal rancher. Thus, Georges conflict arises in Lennie, to whom he has the ties of long- time companionship that he so often yearns to croak in order to live the life of which he dreams. This tension strains George into demonstrating various emotions, ranging from anger to patience to trouble to pride and to hope.Georges companion, the source of the novels conflict. Lennie, enormous, ungainly, and mentally slow, is Georges p olar opposite both mentally and physically. Lennies ignorance and innocence and helplessness, his childish actions, such(prenominal) as his desire to pet soft things, contrast his physical bulk, making him likeable to readers. Although devoid of ferocious intentions, Lennies stupidity and carelessness cause him to unwittingly harm animals and people, which creates trouble for both him and George.Lennie is tirelessly devoted to George and delights in hearing him tell of the dream of having a farm, but he does not desire the dream of the American worker in the same way that George does. His understanding of Georges dream is more childish and he grows mad at the possibility of tending the future rabbits, most likely because it will afford him a contingency to pet their soft hides as much as he wishes. Nevertheless, a dream is a dream, different for everyone, and George and Lennie share the similar attribute of desiring what they havent got. Lennie, however, is helpless to attain his dream, and remains a static character throughout, relying on George to fuel is hope and save him from trouble

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Recruitment in the workplace Essay Example for Free

Recruitment in the exerciseplace EssayIn this report, I am going to exposit and explain the recruitment and selection process and the diverse stages that the melodic phrase has to go through when filling a va tailtly Recruitment is when an organisation identifies a nihility and from the range of appli discountts that require a channel, the organisation engage the best out smelling from the application forms received to fill the va natescy in wander for the business to suck efficiently. Selection is when tout ensemble the appli force outts argon short comeed and from them, the employer elect the best outlook for the hire out role. The humane resources (HR) department atomic tot 18 compulsory to wager for the organisation by recruiting, training staff in every case motivating them to work tall(prenominal) in the business. If the employees ar trained and recruited correctly, it would show that the business is successfully operating. There ar similarly ma ny an(prenominal) other tasks the HR department do much(prenominal)(prenominal) as giving employees promotions and a wage/ honorarium boost, annual appraisals and other employee bene arrests.Recruitment can be internal or external depending on the business line role and the vacancy being filled. Internal recruitment is when an employee already within the business fills a vacancy rather than employing someone outside the business. The vacancy for internal recruitment can be advertised by putting up notice boards, on the intranet and it can overly be discussed during staff assureings on who would be the best mortal to fill the vacancy.The advantages of recruiting internally in the business ar that when performing an induction for them, it exit not be as surd because the employee would be familiar with the business workplace and surroundings also it is quicker and less expensive than recruiting someone externally because the amount of candidates is already been narrowed dow n to certain(prenominal) employees inside the business.The disadvantages if recruiting internally is that the mortal filling the vacancy from inside the business whitethorn not gull all the required skills and qualifications to perform the seam effectively and by recruiting someone externally cracks a assorted range of skills, qualities, experience and qualifications. External recruitment is when someone from outside the business is employed to fill a vacancy. This is a more than(prenominal) common approach when recruiting as there is a larger range of candidates that sacrifice different skills and abilities. There are many ways to recruit externally.Most businesses testament advertise apply media such as the internet, newspapers, company news earns and magazines. Another way to recruit is to go to the patronage centre and regulate them that the company has a vacancy and eventually there depart be a range of different candidates with different levels of experience, qual ifications and skills. The advantages of using external recruitment are that a wider audience can be reached which subjoins the happen that the business lead be fit to recruit the skills it aims also the disadvantages mentioned for internal recruitment are advantages of external recruitment.The disadvantages of external recruitment are firstly even if the new employee has all the experience and skills required for the hypothecate, he may not be subject to adapt to the businesses system and therefore volition disengage broader to familiarize with the workplace and the employees withal with internal recruitment, you would not endure this problem. During the recruitment process, candidates moldiness go through seven different stages before a suitable candidate can be chosen and made an employee in the business. This applies to both internal and external recruitment.The seven stages are 1) Identify a vacancy This is when the business imbibes it known that a profession is available and currently vacant so this could be because an employee has any left the business and this could be for a number of different reasons for example One reason could be that they concord had a dis moderatement and there has been conflict between them and the owner or passenger car or another reason could be because they dedicate had a give away offer from a different business and they are receiving a better wage or salary.Recruitment does not restrain to be eonian as female employees could be on a maternity leave or an employee could be unhinged for a ample cadence so they depart claim someone to cover for them while they hand over to their occupation and in these cases, most businesses would internally recruit someone and the advantages of this are its quicker and causes less hassle. valet resources pull up stakes need to formally agree with the department that is requiring an employee to fill the vacancy so a rehabilitation can be searched for immediately .Since recruiting employees cost a large amount of money, the business go out lone(prenominal) use up employees if it is absolutely vital for their business to run efficiently as the money could be exhausted on other parts of the business such as paying off any bills or parliamentary law stock. 2) Draw up a occupancy description This is when the job is described in detail so firstly, the name of the job or job title.This is important because it gives a brief ideas of what the job involves e. g.if the job that is a marketing director, the candidates applying for the job leave know what they are applying for just from the name. Marketing means to advertise the harvest-times and execute sure the customers are aware of what products the business offers and persuade them to buy it. Some job titles may interchange over time such as in schools, the head teacher may chance to header or head master to give a different feel to the job and possibly increase the prestige and respons ibility of the job.Job description also includes employment conditions such as how much the employee pull up stakes mature paid and how many hours a work so for example a cashier could unhorse i 5. 50 per hour so if they work 8 hours a week for 6 age past they go away receive ai 264 a week. The employee will also need to know how much pay they will receive and that depends on whether the business pays an annual salary or wages any week. If the employee is temporarily working consequently they may receive the resembling pay as the employee they are book binding for e. g. john is a cashier who earns i7 an hour and he is off eruct long term so an internal employee is recruited and will receive the same pay until john is healthy and fit enough to work again. The business will be looking to recruit someone that not only matches the job description but also has surplus qualities which will make them be more conspicuous. Finally, the job description will include duties and res ponsibilities that are involved in the job and have to be performed on a daily basis so the applicants will understand how important the job is and how hard they will have to work.Job security is another element in the job description which will utter the employee how long they are being employed for because not all jobs are permanent as mentioned before, employers can just temporarily fill a vacancy and once that person returns to their job, the temporary employee will have to leave the job. The job description will also have a large variety of candidates all after the same job with different skills and traits. This is an example of a job description.It shows what the job is (which is a adept support engineer), the required skills but also useful and desirable extra skills which could be the difference to whether they are recruited or not and the qualifications and experience are required also. The desired skills mention what experience they have so has the candidate worked befor e and if so how long for, education is their school, college and university placements and what they have achieved in the time they have washed-out there also the work status is what token of job they like as there is part- time which is only a couple of hours so no more than 30 hours in a week. regular work is over 30 hours a week and this shows that they may in the job for a long time and the befits of working full time are that the organization will provide you with annual leave, sick leave and health insurance also the hours they work are more flexible save, the most favourite and more rewarding benefit is the fact that full time workers will light paid more money that part time workers because they are dedicating more time to the business.3) Draw up a person specification This is when the employer entails the physical, mental and any other requirement requirements that a candidate needs in order to perform the tasks effectively and successfully such as training and experi ence e. g. if the business was to be a chauffeur, the person applying for the job would probably need a long driving career which would show that they have a lot of experience and also be able to drive under pressure and quickly.P000rofessional qualifications such as GCSEs and A-level qualifications such as GCEs will also be required to show they have a thorough understanding of the job and may make it easier for them to perform the job e. g. an accountant will need a range of different qualifications so the requirements may be that they will need a Degree, instead in maths, accountancy, business studies, economics or finance. However, it is possible to become an accountant with lower school qualifications.Without A Levels it is possible to acquire the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification, which is fully recognised in the trade. Office juniors can work up to accountant level, but you have to have GCSEs and preferably A Level to start out with. Qualifi cations show that the candidate has been studying in recent years and are prepared for them job they are going to apply for. Experience is also required in the person specification as it could be the different to whether a candidate is employed or not.Having a blue level of experience in a certain field of work will show that the candidate is wellhead trained and has the acquired skills for the job and also shows that they will require less training e. g. if the job being applied for was a cashier, someone who has already worked in other businesses undertaking the same job role will know what they are doing so they dont need a very detailed induction and require less training also they may be able to generate a higher income perform their tasks more efficiently.A candidate new to the field of work may find it more difficult to get the job will sufficient experience as they may have never done this job before except they me able to bring new ideas or if they have performed similar jobs then they can use that familiarity to perform the job as a cashier. nominees must also have competence which is the ability of a person to perform tasks and take on certain responsible.The more competent a person is, the better they can perform their duties e. g.a business would rather have a more competent employee that can do their job to a high standard by producing quality output results such as high sales or revenue because it would prove more successful in the long run also having a incompetent employee would require the business to waste their time and money training them especially if they are young candidates who have possibly just finished their education or have finished a degree. The advantages of having a competent employee are that they are reliable for getting their task done efficiently and are resilient to their job.The disadvantage could be that since they may be extremely substantially at one job but if told to perform a different task they may struggle a s it may not play to their strengths e. g. if the job was a reporter, and the employee was very competent in their job but then their sellr asks them to illustrate their findings in a more abstract such as creating a presentation, this does not work well for them as they may be so accustomed to writing reports that they dont have a cue how to create a presentation and this is a disadvantage for competent employees as they dont offer that versatility.Essential skills will have to be met in order to get the job such as in a call centre, the person will definitely need fluent intercourse and also be reactive to customer calls. Essential skills are what an employee should have in order to complete the job and if they dont have the all important(p) criteria then they may be rejected. They can also have personal or desirable skills such as being able to work a computer effectively so they can type up emails quickly rather than constantly calling or being able to co-operate in a team and possibly even lead a team to successfully complete a task or assignment.They are not absolutely needed but will help them and make them look like a stronger candidate so they may be a possibility that they are shortlisted and questioned. The criteria from the person specification are important when shortlisting the candidates as only the best will be put through to the interview stage and then finally accepted. This is an example of a person specification for film co-ordination and development.It shows what skills are compulsory or essential and what skills are optional or desirable and can help candidates when it comes to shortlisting as they are more likely to be chosen than a different person who has fewer additional skills. Candidates must be versatile and not just resilient for the job. The job shows that in the qualifications category they need a couple of A-level or equivalent qualifications but there are also desirable skills they could have such as GCSEs in the field of work possibly drama.It shows that the candidate must have a minimum of 2 years experience and be able to manage finances and use ICT well however they can also have desirable skills such as being able to manage and supervise staff. Personal aptitude and skills are popular skills that a candidate should have or each picked up from past jobs and experience such as communication and teamwork skills. Disposition is something that would be useful to have and would possibly make their job more enjoyable. Any other requirements can be helpful as it would also make them a stronger candidate.4) Advertise the Vacancy This is when the vacancy is publicised and the business try to get unemployed people to apply for the job. One way to advertise the job is to put it on a local newspaper as they are read by many business men and women so the business can receive a few applicants that are in need of a job and have scanned through a newspaper and found one. The advantages of this are that it will be read by a variety of people and hopefully attract more candidates. The job advertisement is written by the personnel department similarly when marketing a product.The presentation of the advertisement is important as the candidates will receive their first impressions from it and will judge whether it is good or not and also whether they would like to work for the business. On the advertisement it should include the description of the job and mention the main requirements, where the job is going to be located so the candidates know where they will work, how much salary they are expected to receive however it may not be the exact amount on the advertisement as it may vary, reference point and contact numbers if necessary and the company logo.The more detail that is put into the advertisement the better and more informative it will be however making the advertisement too long can make it look unprofessional. This is an example of a job advert for royal mail and as a job adver t should, it includes all the important dilate such as the job title, company name, contact details and their salary. However it may not look very appealing. This advert is just to make sure that the general public is aware of the job and if anyone is interested and they meet the requirements then they may apply and possibly get shortlisted for an interview.5) Shortlist the applicants when short listing, the applications that were most appealing and may be considered for the job are listed by the human resources department. It is drawn up by using criteria from the person specification such as qualifications and experience that the candidate has to see if it is enough for them to be able to contend the new job they are applying for also any other skills and attributes they have acquired through other job would be helpful for the candidates.The selection process will begin and the employer will be looking to fill the vacancy with the best candidate amongst the applications. They w ill then all be individually contacted so an interview can be arranged. The candidates can be intercommunicate in many different ways such as letters of initiation in which a brief document is sent to notify the candidates more or less whether they will be called up for an interview.The suitable candidates will be those who meet the exact criteria of the job description so for example if the job was to be a IT technician and the job description required them to have 5 years experience working in a ICT related firm and also the business may ask for certain qualifications such as a degree in computing and A-Levels in Maths and IT to a grade B standard. Those who meet these requirements will be shortlisted as suitable candidates because they meet the exact requirements or are slightly above these requirements however they are not guaranteed to get the job but have a good chance.There is then possible candidates which may meet some of the requirements such as they may have the qualifi cations but not enough experience which could then mean if they are employed, they will have to go thorough a comprehensive induction programme and be well trained by a more experience technician and this could cost the business a lot of money but on the other hand they may have some characteristics that other candidates dont have such as they may be more able to speak multiple styles which could be helpful because the business may communicate with other countries on a regular basis with suppliers an customers.Finally those candidates who do not meet the requirements will be rejected and can no longer continue in the recruitment process. This can be down to a number of reasons with the most obvious being that they do not meet the requirements or they have provided false details. The job description and person specification must be used as the basis for short-listing. 6) Interview the applicants The interviewer must also be prepared when interviewing the candidates that have been shortlisted.They will need to come up with a denounce of questions to ask the candidates and this can either be done themselves or they can get a gore of from the human resources department to do interview. The questions that are set must be asked to all candidates in the same manner as it states in the equal opportunities requirements policy. Since this will be the first time that the employer and candidate meet face-to-face, they will need to make a good impression by greeting them with a limber up welcome and shaking hands is a good way to start a mutual race with the employer since the interview may be appointed the vacancy.The interviewer or panel will have a list of criteria to see how the candidate compares to the requirements for the job. It is essential that the interviewers carry copies of the candidates application forms, curriculum vitae and to support this, a covering letter will be required. To get the best out the candidates being interviewed, they must be relaxed and be able to answer questions calmly and correctly so the interview knows everything they need to know about the candidate and their personality.Questions in the interview should be have a mixture of open and closed questions and will be influence and should be all-round such as asking about previous jobs or company such as 1) What do you think of the last company you worked for? 2) Why did you join your previous company? 3) Did they stomach up to your expectations? 4) Why are you leaving now? 5) What did you earn in your last job? as well as asking questions relating to the new job / company such as1) Why do you want this job? 2) What qualities do you think will be required for this job? 3) What can you contribute? 4) What interests you about our product (or service)? 5) What can we (the new company) A list of questions could be asked relating to the candidate such as 1) How do you handle criticism? 2) How would you describe yourself? 3) How would others describe you? 4) Do y ou consider yourself successful? 5) What was your greatest success?Body language and posture is also important during an interview as candidates are not just judged on their communication skills. The interviewer and the candidate want it run as smoothly as possible and both should sit in the correct way such as having their feet firmly on the floor and using gestures with hands if necessary For it portrays that youve difficulties controlling your anxiety about the interview process if the candidate is not seated comfortably. Making good eye contact with the candidate being interviewed is very crucial.The feeling of not getting the interviewees attention can be frustrating and will give the wrong impression to the interviewer. When asked a question that the candidate finds difficult and requires time to think, it is not good to frown. Facing the question with a smile proves that youre composed at stressful situations. When closing the interview, the candidate should possibly raise a ny questions they have for the job role or about the business they will be working for however, there shouldnt be a long time spent asking questions as can get tedious.The interviewer should then politely thank the candidate for appearing and state the questions they have been asked and hope they have a safe journey home. 7) Select and Appoint the Best Candidate this is the final stage of the recruitment process were candidates have been interviewed everything is taken into account and the interview is then evaluated. The employer will select the candidate that has been exceptional throughout the process and has been rated highly in all areas.The candidate will be contacted via a telephone call to notify them that they have got the job and then it is up to the candidate on whether they would like to fill the vacancy and if they accept, they will have to make a formal offer and if it goes according to plan, the candidate and the employer will meet formally to finalise the process o f recruitment and formally agree on the job however, the employer will want references before the candidate takes on the job. This is known as the meshing stage.Once they have been contacted and recruited into the business, They are expected to start their new job however, if the chosen candidate should spurn the job then the business will require the second best candidate to step antecedent and they will be contacted immediately to inform them of what has happened and why the decision has changed. For the unfortunate candidates that have not got the job and have been rejected, the will be provided with feedback on why they have not been employed and how well their interview went.

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Carbon Cycle Essay Example for Free

The Carbon round of drinks EssayThe Carbon Cycle is a complex series of actions through which all of the hundred in existence rotate. The same atomic number 6 in your body today may have been expenditured in many other molecules since judgment of conviction began. The wood burned just a few years ago could have made degree centigrade dioxide which through photosynthesis became part of a plant. When you eat that plant, the same light speed from the wood which was burnt can break part of you. The carbon cycle is the great natural recycler of carbon. Unfortunately, the greatness of its importance is rarely stressed enough.Without the straitlaced use and function of the carbon cycle, every aspect of life could be changed immensely. We believe that its very great to understand how the carbon cycle works in order to see the problems of it not working. Just reckon at a sample carbon cycle and explore how carbon moves through our natural world. Plants, animals, and bemire in teract to make up the basic cycles of nature. In the carbon cycle, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use it, put together with water they get from the soil, to make the things they need for growth.The process of photosynthesis puts in the carbon from carbon dioxide into sugars. Animals, such as the rabbit, eat the plants and use the carbon to build their own tissues. Other animals, such as the fox, eat the rabbit and then use the carbon for their own needs. These animals return carbon dioxide into the air when they breathe, and when they die, since the carbon is returned to the soil during decomposition. The carbon in soil may then be used in a new plant. Ultimately, the same carbon can move through many organisms and even end in the same place where it began.

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Before and After the Cellphone Essay Example for Free

Before and after the Cell call back EssayCellphones train gradually start an imperative part of populations lives today. 70% of the worlds population have cellphones. These days, people and their mobile phones seem to be inseparable. Texting or calling psyche when we wake up has become a usual habit on the button like brushing our teeth in the morning. For many of us, its leaden to imagine a measure before cellphones. Having a cellphone has changed our manners, the way we egest, and our safety.Before cellphones there seemed to be more peace and quite. tribe seemed to have manners. Today people dont always remember their manners when using their cellphones. People unceasingly carrying on personal conversations in a public place john be very annoying. Some people talk really loud and dont care that everyone around them can view every word they are saying. It can be extremely disturbing to someone when they are pass in a mall or down a street and someone starts speaki ng right-hand(a) beside or behind them. They turn to respond, only to find out he or she beside them has an earbud active.Before we had cellphones people would actually write letter. During my elementary school days it was cool to pass notes. We actually used write out sentences and words that were in the dictionary. Also before cellphones if someone was to leave the house, they didnt make a phone call unless they popped 10 cents into a pay phone. People never received any calls away from home. People actually had to be out of touch with friends and family when they werent at home. Now that we have cell phones letters are rarely sent. Today note passing is rare. If kids want to travel by during school they simply just shoot each other a text message. Also, today if someone is to leave the house, making a phone call is easy. With a quick dial on a cellphone people can make a call at any time.Cellphones have not only changed the way we communicate but they have changed our safety. Texting and driving force has become common and has caused many deaths in the United States. It was reported in 2005 that cellphone distraction causes 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in the United States every year. Another safety issue with cellphones is privacy. Say someones at an airport, or on the bus. Several people are on their cellphones, some talk business, and others talking about personal information.Any information shared has now become available to anyone else who king have been around to hear their phone call. Others may now know their address, information about their family, or financial records. Before cellphones life were more safe. Before cell phones people didnt have to constantly worry about someone overhearing their conversation. Also people didnt have to worry about others driving them off the road because of the careless mistake of texting while driving.The cellphone is loved by many and despised by the few for ruining society. Although cellphones have ch anged society I have a hard time imagining my life without one. Cellphones have had a major impact on our lives and have vastly changed our manners, the way we communicate and our safety. Many of these changes are apparent, while others we may not even be aware of.

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Career Development Plan Essay Example for Free

vocation Development Plan EssayThe recent merger of InterClean and EnviroTech (ICET) has opened many opportunities for employee promotions. In an effort to start our employees, focus on their strength and talents, and pick up them spick-and-span skills that ordain assist in our overall success, management has decided to revamp the way informings been d adept in the past by implementing a new training performance format. Our new training module allow for focus on sanitization standards, communication, customer serve well and rapture and networking. The syllabus result consist of 9 steps that will name in on industry knowledge. The training format will consist of new training evaluation and mentoring needs, focus on objectives of training and mentoring, reviewing performance standards, analyze delivery methods, examine contents for training and mentoring, track age frames and evaluation methods, feedback, and in conclusion explore alternative avenues for further d evelopment. erst this program is implemented, we believe our employees will develop an expertise in their respective areas that will have a dogmatic impact in ICETs organizational competitiveness, performance and intersection pointivity.The new training and mentoring needs The new training format will impact the way ICET does business. The focus of the new troika week training will be to teach our sales associates about sanitation standards, communication, customer process and satisfaction and networking. Each step in the new training format will help us run a pass a marker overall success that will advantage the employee and our company as well. However, training alone will not offer one on one simulation.Therefore, we are implementing a mentoring program that will give employees accessibility to learn and work with mentors that have specialized knowledge about interest areas for a period of six month to en positive(predicate) well move working knowledge from key experts . Objectives of the training and mentoring program The objective of training will be snappy to attain future success. Therefore, the first objective will be to learn about the sanitation standards and regulations so that we will be well informed as we cross over into health care service solutions.The second objective we will focus on is communication. The key c at one timentrations will be listening, and planning to attain effective conclusiveness making. The third objective will be customer service and satisfaction as related to personal attention and quality service and lastly the fourth objective will be on the importance of networking to build relationships with key industry contacts. With regards to the mentoring program our focus will be to commingle all the aforementioned above that will blend with our new mentoring program.This will allow employees to focus on their limited career development goals they would equivalent to accomplish within the organization by working apart once a week for six month period with a mentor that is an expert in the chosen area. Performance standards The performance standards will be rated found on job role expectations. The indicators for utilisation in sales will be based on revenue generated. This will be heedful by how many sales deals were closed and the type of products. Market integration or expansion withal be measured.Here the ability to find new perspective customer or even cross over into other types of health care businesses such as nursing homes or medical rehabs will be taken into evaluated and lastly customer retention based on quality customer service and feedback will also be considered. We feel all expectations will be reasonable and attainable once training is completed. Delivery methods Delivery methods are vital when training is being implemented. The focus is to keep the trainee interested and integrated during training. Therefore, we will focus on three training methods experimental, integra tive and reinforcement.For sanitation standards we will train with fact sheets, videos and or pamphlet and booklets. This will fall under the reinforcement methods. For the communication objectives, we will usage skits because it will teach the trainee real life simulations which can be critiqued to help improve and fine overcharge any area that need improvement. This delivery method will fall under the experimental method. As for the customer service objective, we will use dialogue. This will allow the trainee to participate and improve their delivery when confrontation a customer and or closing the deal.This style will fall under the integrative methods and lastly we will use networking via conventions and or conferences so the trainee can interact with other business professionals. As for the mentoring program we will offer face to face interaction once weekly with expert mentors by area. fill for training and mentoring To achieve the trump out outcomes for ICET, we believe the content of the training program should be closely fit tot to our business strategy and organizational goals. Therefore we will evaluate the skill and ability of employees that best match the open positions.This will be done by evaluating experience, worker, and occupational requirements. For example, experience will evaluated based on former training, experience, certifications or licenses. Worker requirements will be based on basic skills, cross functional skills, knowledge and education and lastly occupational requirement will be measure by general work activities, work and organizational content (Cascio 2005). Time frame Setting realistic time frames for employees to be trained properly is an important part of a successful training and mentoring program.Forming new habits or learning new methodologies take times which is why we have decided that employees will receive three week training so they feel fully acclimated and comfortable when they are out on the field. As for the mentoring program, we have decided to make it a three month program because we feel in outrank to appreciate and truly learn hands on the employee should be exposed to the daily routines of the mentor. Once the employee gets a good grasp of each section during the allotted training time, we believe they will be prompt and continue to develop their skills via applied experience they attain while working.Evaluation methods A good evaluation will most often use multiple methods because a well rounded objective decision can be archived. Therefore, we have decided that we will evaluate employees by these three standards group interviews so we may see how the candidate behaves and reacts to intimidating settings, person to person simulations to see how the employee performs when selling a product and lastly via personality questionnaire to see if the employee characteristic match up with the extroverted personality we are looking for.Feedback Constructive feedback can make all the dif ference if you want to keep employees motivated. Therefore, it is our commitment to make sure that all feedback is constructive and address all the good quality the employee posses as well as the areas of improvement that will develop them further. Hence, we will sit with employees and perform verbal feedback that is clear and precise so that in that respect is no room for misunderstanding.We want the make sure the employee is encouraged and understands that we are committed and interested in their career development and well being. We would also like to get feedback regarding the training program and any areas of flunk that can be improved. We will build an anonymous questionnaire so that the employee can be candid and in force(p) without feeling as if there are attached strings. Alternate avenues for those who need further developmentLastly, we would like to deliver alternate avenues for employees who would like press further. Therefore, we will provide access to proceed educ ation get across twice a year. We will also have updated listing of conferences and training that will go beyond on internal training so that employees will be aware of the latest trends, approaches, and opportunities in their specific field. We believe this will help the employee morale as they will have access to any continuing education as needed.In conclusion, we believe our new training module will teach and provide the employees with all the necessary tools to become and maintain success.. Our focus on sanitation standards, communication, customer service and satisfaction and networking will set our employees apart from the rest because they will be well rounded and well informed. Once this program is completed, the employees will develop an expertise in their respective areas that will have a positive impact in ICETs organizational competitiveness, performance and productivity.Referencehttp//www.indiana.edu/uhrs/training/performance_management/define.htm

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Oxygen and Trees Essay Example for Free

Oxygen and Trees EssayTrees alter the surroundings in which we live by lead climate, improving air quality, conserving water, and harboring wildlife. Climate control is obtained by moderating the effects of sun, wind, and rain. Radiant energy from the sun is absorbed or deflected by leaves on deciduous trees in the summer and is only filtered by branches of deciduous trees in winter. We argon cooler when we stand in the vestige of trees and are not exposed to direct sunlight. In winter, we value the suns radiant energy. Therefore, we should launch only small or deciduous trees on the south side of homes. Wind speed and caution potbelly be affected by trees. The more compact the foliage on the tree or group of trees, the greater the influence of the windbreak. The downward fall of rain, sleet, and hail is initially absorbed or deflected by trees, which provides some protection for people, pets, and buildings.Trees intercept water, store some of it, and reduce storm runoff a nd the possibility of flooding. Dew and frost are less common under trees because less radiant energy is released from the soil in those areas at night. Temperature in the vicinity of trees is cooler than that away from trees. The larger the tree, the greater the cooling. By using trees in the cities, we are able to moderate the heat-island effect caused by pavement and buildings in commercial areas. Air quality can be improved through the use of trees, shrubs, and turf. Leaves filter the air we breathe by removing dust and other particulates. Rain then washes the pollutants to the ground.Leaves absorb cytosine dioxide from the air to form carbohydrates that are used in the go unders structure and function. In this process, leaves also absorb other air pollutantssuch as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxideand give off oxygen. By planting trees and shrubs, we return to a more natural, less bionic environment. Birds and other wildlife are attracted to the area. The natural c ycles of plant growth, reproduction, and decomposition are again present, both above and on a lower floor ground. Natural harmony is restored to the urban environment.

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The Subject Matter of Experiments Essay Example for Free

The Subject Matter of Experiments EssayA well-designed experimentation tells us that changes in the explanatory variable cause changes in the response variable. More exactly, it tells us that this happened for proper(postnominal) subjects in the specific environment of this specific experiment. No doubt we had grander things in mind. We want to proclaim that our modernistic method of teaching math does better for high school students in general or that our mod drug beats a placebo for some broad class of patients. Can we generalize our conclusions from our little root of subjects to a wider population?The first step is to be sure that our conclusions are statistically significant, that they are besides strong to often occur just by chance. Thats important, but its a technical foul detail that the studys statistician can reassure us about. The serious threat is that the treatments, the subjects, or the environment of our experiment may not be realistic. For example, a psyc hologist wants to study the effects of failure and licking on the relationships among members of a work team. She forms a team of students, brings them to the psychology science science laboratoryoratoryoratory, and has them play a juicy that requires teamwork.The game is rigged so that they lose regularly. The psychologist observes the students through a one-way window and notes the changes in their behavior during an eve of game playing. Playing a game in a laboratory for small stakes, knowing that the session will soon be over, is a long way from working for months developing a in the raw product that never works right and is finally abandoned by your company. Does the behavior of the students in the lab tell us much about the behavior of the team whose product failed?Psychologists do their best to tog up realistic experiments for studying human behavior, but lack of realism limits the usefulness of experiments in this area. When experiments are not fully realistic, stati stical analysis of the experimental data cannot tell us how far the results will generalize. Experimenters generalizing from students in a lab to workers in the real world must argue based on their concord of how people function, not based just on the data. It is even harder to generalize from rats in a lab to people in the real world.This is one reason why a single experiment is rarely completely convert, despite the compelling logic of experimental design. The true scope of a new finding must usually be explored by a number of experiments in various settings. A convincing case that an experiment is sufficiently realistic to produce useful information is based not on statistics but on the experimenters knowledge of the subject matter of the experiment. The attention to detail required avoiding inscrutable bias also rests on subject matter knowledge. Good experiments combine statistical principles with understanding of a specific field of study.

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Charles Dickens Diary for Writing Great Expectations Essay Example for Free

Charles Dickens Diary for Writing Great Expectations EssayI cannot plainly thoroughly criticize the lackadaisical social and moral ab offices in this country. The will to take action has urged me to create verbally Great Expectations in order to assail the abominable conditions that exist in England. In this unfermented, my dear characters are idealized in order to heavily contrast with the ugly social truths that I reveal. For it is fully my jailed to raise the awareness of these corrupting and unjust conditions that we so nonchalantly live with. Oh what a pity A grief indeed, that the once innocuous and simple Pip may be transformed into the snobbish and narrow character he becomes. For what was the reason for Pips unexpected transformation? Of course, it is naught but the social-class office that feeds the desire of selfish ambition.Here in England, the social-class determines how a person is interact and his access to education. This most anti-Semite(prenominal) att itude is displayed when the otherwise indifferent tailor servilely attends to Pip after hearing of his fortune disrespect turning a cold shoulder to him earlier. Is m unrivaledy enough to turn a man into a mouse? Why is it that charisma does not command respect but pounds and shillings? After attaining a ample amount of wealth, Pip even begins to treat his closest friend and protector, Joe, with a superior air. Was Joe not portion a gentle and fair to Pip? Had Joe been an inadequate friend? Absolutely not, twas being Pip straightway belonged to a higher social class. Not only does social standing determine how i was treated daily, but also played an unfair and villainous part in court reasoning in our decree.In the case of the two convicts, the main perpetrator, a gentlemen, stated in his defense speech ..here you has afore you, grimace by side, two persons as your eyes can separate wide one, the younger, well brought up one the elder, ill brought up which is the worst one? T he most incredulous and vile aspect is not the use of an ad hominem, but the court promptly basing the entire decision of the trial strictly on this education regarding social appearance. I assure you, this is not uncommon at all in this country. Trials and disputes are below the belt biased and integrity comes arm in arm with class and money rather than logic and proof.Ah though it is true that social class plays an enormous role in everyones lives, it all but affects ones character. Ones character is still left intact despite the obstructive society divide. An honest but poor man today shall unquestionably hold more truth than a sly rich man. Alas, sadly this is far from the case today. The secondary reason that had prompted me to write this novel was the physical condition of London. Being a local resident of London, I bore firsthand watcher to the effects of industrialization. At the cost of clean air and green living space, London transformed into a merchant city full of job s and people.O how I do miss the crisp clean field of the countryside. This sentimentality was the reason that provoked me to write about the descriptive settings and bustling activities within the city. Not to character reference the crowded condition people lived in, primitive sewage and poor working conditions. As a result, I am not particularly fond of aristocrats and express this through my characters. Through them, I expose the cancerous social norms such as Magistrates courts and the social divide. As well, my reminiscent memories of familiar settings and my want to explore the conditions in the city have compelled me to write this novel. The end product cannot help but evoke a smell of awareness and social conscientiousness from the reader.